Easterrace (14.-17.04.) – Mecklenburg lakeland

Sick of hunting for easter eggs? Then you could come to our next DTSG competition. During the eater weekend (14.-17.04.2017) we organize a competitive hitchhiking race around mecklenburg lakeland. We expect the flourishing landscapes of east Germany and spring-like temperatures. The region is stuffed with lakes and is called in Germany "Land of 1000 lakes".

We will put together a balanced race circuit. Beside lakes and cultural points, we will also include some orienteering checkpoints, which have to be reached during the race. In general the route will be constructed, so that several hitchhiking strategies can be used to make it through. Our experience showed, that the Top-Teams are seperated not more than a few minutes during the competition. So be prepared.

But also if you just want to hitchhike a complex route, you are more than welcome to register for our next race! It is gonna be a lot of fun, promise!


We meet Friday (14.04.) afternoon to get know with each other and to give a short introduction to what the DTSG is and what our style of competitive hitchhiking means. The race will start Saturday after breakfast and finishes Sunday evening. Afterwards there will be some race report from the winning team and a relaxed sit-together to share all the stuff that happened during the last 48h. Monday (17.04.) after breakfast we hitchhike home.

The exact meeting point be probably near some lake north of Berlin. the exact place will be published soon before the race. From now on, registration for single persons and teams is open again. For further questions you can contact us through the form or in the comments.

Looking forward to meet you all!

Where will the race takeplace? Here!


If you want to participate, please register yourself for the race here. WarmRoads!

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