Revival of the Rhön-Race – postponed

Update 2018-01-21: Due to just a few registrations the race will be rescheduled to a different weekend in near future.


We will start 2019 with a new race announcment.
After years of hitchhiking in flat landscapes, we are going back into the mountains. (Actually we’ll stay under 1000 m of altitude, but we get close to this and we need space for improvment …)
The next hitchhiking competition will take place within the Rhön-area in Germany from the 25th until the 27th of January.

The Rhön – Again?
For the first time in our DTSG-history we will revive an old racing route. We already hitchhiked here 6 years ago and had a blast, so we choosed to re-do this classic track.

… same, as every year …
Friday, 25th: Get together in the Rhön, within the federal state of Thuringia. The exact location will be published soon.
Saturday: Race starts traditionally at 9 am.
Sunday: End of the race at … when all teams arrived at the final destination.

The Rhön Mountains
We are doing this revival, not because we already visited all other regions of Germany, but because the Rhön is very magnificent area, that amazed us already back in 2013. Those mountains are within the border area of the federal states of Bavaria, Hesse and Thuringia. Right in the core it contains a biosphere reserve with overwhelming nature and culture.
Plus most of us wished for a winter race and the higher we go, the better the chances for that!

Hashtags for Twitter:
#Rhönrennen (German: ‘Rennen’ = race, competition)

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